November 2008 

Name: Mark Yanule

Occupation: College Football coach

Hobbies: Weight Lifting

Member Since: 2002

How Often Do You Train? 6 Days Per Week

What Benefits do you get from your workouts? See Attached Photo Smile

What are your goals? Overall fitness  (Mr. Olympia 2009)

What is your motivation? Appearance

Do you use a trainer? No

What advice would you give: Stay consistent – make it a part of your everyday life.

Why did you join Body Tech? For the smoothies and people (great family atmosphere!)

December  2008

Name: Shirley Czyzewski

Occupation: Teacher

Hobbies: Reading

Member Since: June 2008

How Often Do You Train? 4 to 5 times a week

What Benefits do you get from your workouts? I feel so relaxed after i workout.  When I go home, I do have more energy to accomplish more around the house.

What are your goals? When I began, I just wanted to become healthier.  Now my goal is to lose 5 pounds, 2% more body fat and to stay fit.

What is your motivation? When I began, I honestly did not have a specific purpose.  My trainer (Dawn) said I would need to stay with the program for 12 weeks to see a result.  I did see results before then but as I continue, that was  my motivation – to see what would happen after 12 weeks.

Do you use a trainer? Yes.  At first, I worked with Dawn because I had no clue how to exercise correctly or to use the machines in the right way.  Now, I want to work with Dawn so that I do not become bored with working out.  She keeps me focused; even during certain weeks when family obligations do not allow me the time to workout the way I want.  She encourages me and has me center my energy and time on me.

What advice would you give: To begin immediately with a trainer and not to give up before 12 weeks.  To change your diet but not give up some small reward each week (mine is some pizza – very light cheese and a few glasses of champagne every Friday).  I never weigh myself on Saturdays.

Why did you join Body Tech? I received a flyer in the mail last January.  I saved that flyer until I joined the last day in May.  I love the small club feel at Body Tech.  The entire staff is so friendly.  I am not an outgoing person, but when I walk in to workout, the atmosphere allows everyone to be who they are.  I can socialize as much as I am comfortable with and work on my own when I choose.  I feel comfortable asking questions, I know that someone will help me.  This is a club that I have told many people about and I will continue to do so.

January 2009

Name: Jan Mentzer

Occupation: Registered Nurse

Hobbies: Attending White Sox baseball games, Tae Kwon Do, Running, Theater

Member Since: 2006

How often do you train? 5 days a week

What benefits do you get from your workout? I feel that working out consistently allows me to relax and work some of the steam off from a potentially stressful day at work.  It also helps me keep my energy levels up for all the running around I do.  It makes me feel good when I know that I am staying healthy.

What are your goals? I just want to stay healthy.  I have never had any health problems and I feel blessed with that, but I know I need to do my best to stay in shape.

What is your motivation? Well, I would definitely say my five kids.  They are growing up now and I want them to respect themselves and take pride in who they are.  I would like to set a good example for them to have a healthy lifestyle.

Do you use a trainer? Yes, my trainer is Denise Jelinek. , she’s great, and works me so hard, harder than I thought I could ever workout!  It really helps to have an outside perspective.  I know fairly well how to stay healthy, but the things I had always done were getting boring and I wasn’t getting any results.  Then I begin to slack a little.  She knows when and how to change my workout so I don’t get bored.  Denise also gives me a lot of nutritional and dietary information which I would never have tried on my own.  Denise really helps keep things fun and challenging.  She helps to keep me motivated.

What advice would you give? Just get started and set goals!  I find that sometimes the hardest part is getting to the gym.  Once I’m there, though, I love it!  And the key is really finding something that you love to do.  I really enjoy Tae Kwon Do and I was able to do it with my daughters.  Before I knew it, we were all black belts and I felt better than ever!  That is how I feel when I am finished with my workout.

Why did you join Body Tech? I liked what it had to offer and I feel it’s important to be able to try out the facility and trainers prior to joining.  Body Tech staff is friendly, and knowledgeable.  The facility is clean, and location is convenient.

February 2009

Name: Michele Hughes

Occupation: Stay at home super mom and wife!

Hobbies: Reading, hanging out with my family and working out

Member Since: 2007

How Often Do You Train? 2 to 3 times a week , depending on my week schedule

What Benefits do you get from your workouts? Self confidence, energy and less flab!

What are your goals? To lose 5 more lbs, slim down a dress size or two and to get more flexible.

What is your motivation? My motivation is to be able to keep up with my kids! I want to be around for a long long time and I know that working out is one of the ways to make it happen.

Do you use a trainer? Yes, Melissa Styx – she is fantastic! Melissa really caters each workout to where you are at mentally and physically. She listens.

What advice would you give: Write down your short term and long term goals, stay positive and to have no fear in trying something (or some piece of equipment) new.

Why did you join Body Tech? I joined Body Tech because of the laid back atmosphere. The gym has everything I need in my workouts as well as having great classes and a very clean day care facility.

March 2009

Name: Robert Lach

Occupation: Financial Services

Hobbies: Hiking/Travel, Raising a parrot, Southwestern art/culture, Landscaping

Member Since: The very beginning!

How often do you train? Ideally, 6 days per week, at least 40 minutes of cardio with weight training every other day.

What benefits do you get from your workouts? A healthier body, control of my blood sugar, reduction of body fat.

What are your goals? In 2008, i really focused and lost over 40 pounds. In 2009, i would like to lose another 40 pounds and then maintain it.

What is your motivation? At one point, i was so overweight that i would stop breathing in my sleep. Now, i can get a good night’s rest. I never want to suffer from sleep apnea again.

Do you use a trainer? I have used a trainer. The key is to listen to them and remember what they teach you!

What advice would you give? Reducing caloric intake while increasing physical activity is the fundamental truth of weight loss. High fiber foods / psyllium husk along with lean proteins and fresh vegetables will fill you with fewer calories. Avoid high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils. Perrier is a great substitute for regular or diet soda. Drink water, limit caffeine, and recognize when stress or emotional factors are causing you to overeat. Connect with the peace and the spirit within you, be happy and well.

Why did you join Body Tech? I joined Body Tech because of the fine collection of weight and cardio equipment and the comfortable family atmosphere. I stayed because i couldn’t imagine finding a gym with a finer group of people!

April 2009

Name: Margaret Wolke

Occupation: IT Analyst

Hobbies: Who has time for hobbies? I’m busy TRAINING!

Member Since: 1/2/2009

How Often Do You Train? 3-6 times a week, depending on how many times Tom catches me cheating.

What Benefits do you get from your workouts? I WOULD have had the benefit of being the BIGGEST LOSER, had I signed up in time for the January contest. I was too late and instead, bought myself a trainer and paralleled the contest. I lost 7.3% body fat, better than the contest winner. So instead of getting a million dollars and a new car, (or whatever he got) I am instead the MEMBER OF THE MONTH. Yeah me!!!
What are your goals? So far I’ve lost over 22 lbs. of fat and gained 12 lbs. of muscle. I’d love to see this trend continue. Its no longer so much about losing weight as it is ‘adjusting’ my body composition. I’ll never be as skinny as I was, but I can be healthier than I ever was at any weight.

What is your motivation? Trainer Tom, for sure. He’s full of good tidbits that he feeds me during our sessions. And I like that I get to eat more. TT says I’m holding onto fat because my body always thinks it’s starving. I was skipping breakfast or not eating for long periods of time. I’m not quite there because I HATE grocery shopping, but being able to graze all day is certainly a perk!

Do you use a trainer? Absolutely. Trainer Tom is GREAT! I wouldn’t still be doing this if not for his motivation!
What advice would you give? Watch TV or listen to music while you do cardio. It’s way too boring to not give yourself a distraction. When doing resistance, concentrate on your form. My body always takes the easy way out, so I lean wrong or don’t work the muscles effectively. TT is always correcting my form, which then makes it more difficult, but more effective too. And I recommend TT specifically, because he brings you food to take home to eat. I’m collecting his Tupperware!

Why did you join Body Tech? I was interested in the Biggest Loser Contest. Now, I like it for the ‘regular’ people. It’s not a high-priced place of perfectly dressed show off people. Everyone is so down-to-earth and approachable. And I think it’s funny when the guys groan when they lift tons of weight.


April 2009

Name: Edward M. Kielanowicz

Occupation: Union Boilermaker Local #1

Hobbies: Golf, Gardening, Fishing

Member Since: 2002

How often do you train: Daily

What benefits do you get from your workouts? Stress relief, both mentally and physically

What are your goals? To live longer and healthier

What is your motivation? Knowing that exercise will allow me to enjoy the things i like to do with less physical discomfort.

Do you use a trainer? Sometimes

What advice would you give? Keep going back. By this i mean, if you have a bad diet day, do not get down on yourself, but return to your workout routine tomorrow.

Why did you join Body Tech? It was closest club to my house.

If i could, i would like to say thank you to Steve LaBay and Melissa Styx. They were able to help me stay motivated and i am truly grateful to both of them.

June 2009

Name: Kim DeVries

Occupation: Jr. High Teacher

Hobbies: Scrapbooking, working out

Member Since: October 2003

How often do you train? 3 – 5 times a week

What benefits do you get from your workouts? More energy, weight loss, toning, clothes feel better

What are your goals? I would like to lose 8 more lbs.

What is your motivation? To be able to fit into all of my clothes, or buy some new outfits

Do you use a trainer? During the Biggest Loser. I had Dawn.

What advice would you give? It may seem impossible or really hard, but listen to your trainer and just try.

Why did you join Body Tech? I liked the fact that Body Tech had classes. I enjoy working out in groups and love classes. I also like the fact that it is not part of a chain fitness club and is more friendly.

October 2009

Name: GeriAnn Eash

Occupation: Sales for Marchon Eyewear (we manufacture eyewear frames and sunwear)

Hobbies: Cooking, reading, and just recently decided to try target shooting with some friends – we’ll see how that goes – still waiting on my FOID card.

Member Since: August 2009

How often do you train? 2x a week with Tom – TRY to 1x on my own

What benefits do you get from your workouts? More energy, stamina, BIG stress reliever!! Helps me maintain my weight loss.

What are your goals? To maintain my weight now, or lose a bit more if I can. Continue to become stronger and more proficient at all of the different exercises I am learning. I think overall to have this (fitness and working out) become a part of my life, not just “some classes that I’m taking.”

What is your motivation? My motivation came out of a major car accident 8 years ago, which left me with rods in both femurs and plates holding my right arm together and arthritis in my legs and back. These are permanent parts of me now and really affected my health and mobility. I wasn’t able to be active, walk, or exercise daily, and couldn’t be on my feet for any length of time without pain. This year it really hit me, that as I grow older, this is going to become more and more difficult for me, and would always impact my health. I decided that I was going to do everything I could to take care of myself.

Do you use a trainer? Yes, Tom Kens is great! Great positive motivator, as well as a trainer. When I joined the gym, I was asked if I wanted a trial membership to see how I liked it – and I responded – No thanks, I know I’ll need a trainer, and let’s just sign me up! I wouldn’t have known

what to do with any of the equipment anyway – Working with a trainer has also helped me learn how to perform each exercise properly. It’s amazing how just a little change can make something more effective or not effective at all!

What advice would you give? II’m not sure – I’m still looking for it myself.

Why did you join Body Tech? I joined Body Tech on the recommendation of a few of my friends. They each told me that they enjoyed the atmosphere, because everyone is there to worko out – not socialize. I have found that to be true – and becasue of that, it isn’t intimidating. The most experienced members and trainers are always willing to help in any way that they can, and it creates a positive atmosphere which is really encouraging.

May 2010

Name: Kay Zulanas

Occupation: Retired

Hobbies: Dancing, Grandparenting

Member Since: 2005

How often do you train? Weight Training 2-3 days per week, Cardio training 4 days per week.

What benefits do you get from your workouts? More energy, increased muscle strength, positive attitude, improved resting heart rate, and I lost 25 lbs!

What is your motivation? The support of my family and my trainer Tom Kens.

Do you use a trainer? Yes, Tom is friendly and courteous and went the extra mile to contact my physicians prior to our first session to assure I was working out in a safe and effective manner.

What advice would you give? To strive for consistency not perfection with your workouts.

Why did you join Body Tech? I heard about the club from a friend and was impressed by the cleanliness and friendly atmosphere of the club.

June 2010

Name: Suzy Brath

Occupation: 2nd Grade Teacher

Hobbies: biking, traveling, exercising, scrapbooking

Member Since: 2010

How often do you train? 2-3 times a week with a personal trainer, 6 days of cardio

What benefits do you get from your workouts? More energy, strength, and stamina

What are your goals? To lose weight, train for a triathlon, get toned and stronger, to learn how to surf

What is your motivation? I want to feel good and show my children how important fitness and nutrition are to live a healthy and happy life

Do you use a trainer? Yes, 2-3 times a week. The combination of weight/strength training and doing Zumba, Pilates, and cardio has really worked great for me.

What advice would you give? Surround yourself with positive people, always believe in yourself, never eliminate a food that you really like (just eat less of it), find different physical activities that you like and your less likely to get bored. Take time to do the things you enjoy. Get your family on board with your goals and everyone will be happier.

Why did you join Body Tech? I had just had my third child and i wanted to get back in shape and lose weight (tone up) i heard good things about the club and about The Biggest Loser Contest, so i decided to join the contest so i could have a trainer, be a part of a team, have a structured workout routine and a strict nutrition plan. The contest helped me lose 24 lbs. , 7.7% body fat and gain my confidence back. My trainer, Karin Sizemore, pushed me to levels that i didn’t realize i could reach and both her and my team are a great source of motivation and inspiration. Also, the club is very clean, the daycare is wonderful, and the staff know your name (they smile when you walk in). That makes me very happy!!!!!!!!!!

September 2011

Name: LaTasha Bailey

Occupation: 4th Grade Teacher

Hobbies: Reading, Shopping, Writing Poetry

Member Since: June 2011

How often do you train? 4-5 days a week

What benefits do you get from your workouts? Since I started working out, I’ve experienced increased energy levels and of course I’ve lost weight. I lost 6.2% body fat in a little of a month. My clothes fit better, people have started to notice my weight loss, and my family and friends are even motivated to live a healthier lifestyle because of my diligence and success.

What are your goals? My goal is to continue to lose weight at a healthy pace. I don’t have a goal weight or dress size. I trust that my body will tell me when I’m at my ideal weight and fitness level.
What is your motivation? Every time I think about all of the people who are motivated by what I’m doing, it gives me the desire to work even harder to make sure that I succeed. Some days are a struggle, but I’ve never regretted going to the gym. I’ve only regretted not going. Not only that, I feel so great after losing 20 pounds, imagine how great I’ll feel as I continue to make progress!

Do you use a trainer? Yes, I do. Tom Kens is the most awesome trainer I’ve ever worked with. He’s motivational, encouraging, and personable and he genuinely cares about his clients and wants them to succeed. His positive attitude makes you feel like you can accomplish anything. And on top of all that, he really knows what he’s talking about. If you just trust what he says and follow the plan, you will lose weight. It’s a no brainer!

What advice would you give? Slow and steady wins the race. When you have a lot of weight to lose, sometimes it feels like an insurmountable task. But just remember that you didn’t gain it in a month and you’re not going to lose it in a month. Keep working hard and you will see results. Those 1-2 pounds per week add up more quickly than you think and before you know it you’ll have to buy new pants!

Why did you join Body Tech? Initially I was looking for a gym that offered Zumba classes and I was drawn in with the 21-day pass. When I came in to inquire about the pass, Tom was standing at the front desk and offered to give me a tour. He was so nice and he didn’t make me feel like that oddball at the gym. Because of him, and all of the other wonderful people I’ve met at Body Tech, I decided to join. The gym is 30 minutes away from my house and I pass by at least seven other gyms to get there, but I feel at home at Body Tech and I’m not going anywhere!