Client base

Weight loss/Toning, Competition prep, Strength and Conditioning, Rehabilitation/Corrective exercise,

Experience and credentials

10+ years in fitness industry


American Aerobic Association International and International Sports Medicine Association, Functional Movement Systems, CPR/AED

Training philosophy

With training as with life, it’s all about preparation and dedication. Know what your desired outcome is, how you plan to get there and, most importantly, follow through with the work. Every day contains countless opportunities to move towards a better version of yourself—the key is to recognize and take advantage of them.

You can’t (and won’t) get to your goals immediately. Everything worth achieving takes time. But along the way, you’ll have many smaller accomplishments to celebrate. Relish every session where you squeeze out a new level of performance, and give your body the rest and care it deserves for the hard work.

Client testimonial

I know first hand that Andrius’s plans works, all it take is a little dedication and determination for people to achieve the best possible results. Thanks for the detailed instruction you gave me to make it possible for me to reach my goal and also the extra motivation so I can continue to excel in my next goal. I can testify that when you say that you truly enjoy helping people is 100% true, my advice to anyone that is considering on being a future client is to follow Andrius’s instruction to the T and everything else will fall into place. – Jaime Oliva.