• NASM Certified
  • Over 44 years of experience in fitness/bodybuilding
  • Competed in 17 shows
  • Won 3 Illinois State Championships
  • Won Illinois State Most Muscular Award 2010
  • Competed in 8 national shows, placing in top 5 four times
  • 2015 Team Universe National Champion and earning IFBB Pro Status
  • Experience working with all types of health issues

Training Philosophy

I have been involved in fitness for so long now that many people ask me questions a lot. I love to help people and I get discouraged when people get taken advantage of by trainers. We at Body Tech do our best to educate our clients on proper exercise execution, program design, proper diet, and anything that will help our clients be successful. That is our mission, to motivate, educate, and lead. How would I know what is best for you if I don’t live it myself?