Brendan is a personal trainer accredited through the American College of Sports Medicine.  Having discovered his love for exercise at an early age, he is the kind of trainer who enjoys sharing his passion and enthusiasm with others.  He holds a degree in Exercise Science and Human Physiology from the University of Iowa with a focus of study in Athlete Performance.

With experience as a trainer dating back to 2014, Brendan has helped clients with a variety of different ability levels reach their fitness goals.  His clients have found outstanding success in areas such as

  • Muscle/strength gain
  • Sport-specific strength and conditioning
  • Weight management
  • Joint rehabilitation/functional movement

Brendan’s ideal client is anyone who has a vision of what they want and is willing to follow the path to achieve it.  Having spent years involved in competitive bodybuilding as well as sports, he values the dedication and consistency it takes for someone to earn what they want out of their time in the gym.  He views the trainer/client relationship as a true partnership, and he enjoys working alongside his trainees to take them beyond where they thought was possible!

In his spare time Brendan enjoys writing, drawing and painting, fishing, cooking, and spending time with his friends and family.