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HOT HOT HOT- Detox Yoga

What is hot detox yoga? It is a series of postures practiced in a warm and humid room heated to 95 – 100 Degrees F. The heat allows your muscles to stretch deeper than they would otherwise, with less danger than they would otherwise, with less danger of injury and detoxifies and cleanses your body via sweat. Class is 60 minutes long and involves a standing series, which focus on strength, balance, and endurance while stretching and improving flexibility.

Just one hot yoga class will leave you feeling relaxed, energized, and renewed. Feel the pounds shed away and feel your truest self shine more brightly than ever before.

When: TBA
Class Fee: $5 members / $15 non-members
*All students must bring 2 large towels and water to class.


Make your body your machine

TRX Suspension Training harnesses your own bodyweight to create resistance as you train. That’s all you need – the TRX and your own body. No additional weights required.

Unlimited Versatility

We’re all unique. Not only is each individual’s body built a little differently, but we each fill our lives with a mix of physical activities that can require specific training. TRX training allows you to quickly adjust not only the level of difficulty for each exercise, but you can easily customize any workout on the fly.

Maximize your training time.

You can easily switch from exercise to exercise in seconds. This allows you to maximize your training time and enables circuity style workouts.

Build core strength

Killer abs are great, but more importantly, having a strong core will prevent injuries, improve posture and increase overall strength. All our movements are powered by the torso – abs and back working together to support the spine during everyday activities and exercise. Suspension training builds core strength with every exercise.

LIfe doesn’t happen sitting down

In real life, our bodies move to the side, backwards, forwards, diagonally. Shouldn’t we train the same way? Unlike traditional weight training that tends to be linear and follow one plane of movement, Suspension training encourages multiplanar training which integrates all your motions and mimics real life movement. This will bring muscular balance to your body.

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