BODY TECH TOTAL FITNESS is proud to offer services that complement your workouts at the club. They’re ideal if you’re looking to get back to fitness after an injury, you’ve got an ache and want to avoid injury, or if you’re looking to apply the strength gained in weight training, or to vary your fitness with an exciting new sport. Talk to us for more information about these services and we can offer a special club member rate.

Rehab Connections can help you achieve more energy and a healthier appearance with corrective postural exercises and flexibility training. RC can help you avoid injury, or for athletes, training in the Aquatic Therapy Pool will improve physical condition. Sports moves can be played against the current, recruiting all relevant muscle groups with even resistance across the whole body; this almost eliminates the risk of injury. The ability of the water to provide gentle and even resistance to the exercises prescribed by the PT allows pre-injury movements and fitness levels to be maintained as healing occurs. This means a quicker return to pre-injury